I have solid themes and plugins development expertise. I build easy-to-use Wordpress websites, and web applications with the best practices of development and project management.

Why do people chose me?

Hello. My name is Bruno S. Stefani.
I am a web developer with 6+ years of experience.


To Details

The first priority is always the quality of the final product or delivery.


Applying modern development technologies to optmize time and quality.


It's important to me to only accept jobs where I can do great work.


I do not miss the project deadline and often close projects ahead of schedule.

My projects

I work on my projects on an organized and methodical way. I only start what i can end and Always deliver on time with the best quality i can possibly do.

How can i Be of help?

Tell me about your cool project and i will contact you or whatsapp me.



  • Fly MarTech

    Bruno is responsible for managing Fly’s Software Development department, he is responsible for project management ensuring that all systems carefully respect the designers’ vision, full responsiveness, the UX demands of website visitors and business needs of our customers. Bruno is also helping to build new development processes from scratch to optimize productivity, also implementing Agile methodology using tools like TDD, Kanbam, Scrum, XP, etc.

  • Toptal

    Started working as a freelancer for Toptal in August 2022 and have done multiple projects for US based costumers

  • V2 of this Website

    The page you are browsing now is part of Custom WordPress Theme made with Bootstrap, I also did an API integration with mailchimp and custom post type for the portfolio, a great project that took me a month to complete.

  • First International Project

    My first international project (, the site has user authentication and is a PDF viewing system where you can choose which group of users can access the file.

  • Started SSBCode

    With big clients like NSC Communications and RBBL International my business got off to a good start and I can't be happier with the results.

  • Full Stack Wordpress Developer

    After learning A LOT about wordpress development and applying my skills to different projects, I was prepared to understand the linux development environment and how to set up a Linux VPS, this was an important milestone because I learned how to make wordpress really fast and scalable with Digital Ocean.

  • Wordpress Developer

    At this point in my career I was looking for expertise in a useful tool so I started learning wordpress development and discovered a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Web Developer

    Still working at Nith, I was promoted to Web Developer after some time doing API integrations and implementing designs for websites and web apps.

  • Web Designer

    I started working as a web designer for Nith Training, a digital marketing agency specializing in online courses.

  • Mastering English

    My English was very good at the time and I was looking to master speaking English so I took an intensive course that lasted about two weeks 5 hours a day. This course was a big milestone because after that I no longer had any language limitations.

  • Freelancer

    During college I was looking for opportunities and I did a lot of wordpress work for small businesses, it was a hard path, but I improved my development, communication and my project management skills.

  • Started College

    I started the Information Systems course, learned a lot about business development, risk management, project management and data structures.

  • Aspiring developer

    I was in a research phase discovering all the potential that the area entails. I started several development courses and was preparing to enter college in this area.

My Skills




Node JS

Last Works

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